Spanish as a Foreign Language Enrichment Program

Waytogo21 offers Virtual live Spanish classes for kids age 4 to 12 ; our program combines group classes, private tutoring, and Spanish immersion class (robotic, yoga, cooking, and more); therefore, you can choose the best option for you and your child.

Private tutoring: In this class, we develop a lesson plan specific to each student's language needs, creating a fun-filled, interactive environment.

Group classes consist of six levels based on the MCER: Beginners (A1), Beginners 2 (A2), Intermediate I (B1), Intermediate II (B2), Advanced I (C1), and Advanced II (C2). Our curriculum divided every level into three courses of 10 lessons: autumn, winter, and spring.

Spanish immersion programs are for students at intermediate or advanced levels; the learners have the opportunity to practice the Spanish language and develop the four communication skills while learning about robotics, cooking, music, practicing yoga, and more.

Our methodology is based on the Howard Gardner multiple intelligence approach, used as an essential complement to the communicative method. Our process aims to stimulate the development of the four communicative skills; speak, listen, write and read, considering each student's characteristics, abilities, learning styles, and motivations. Likewise, the aim is for students to put the language into practice in real situations and everyday environments.



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